Vision and Mission (2014 – 2018)


“Science makes man, invents wisdom, and develops community.”


“Produce graduates in science and technology with quality and morality, develop community with researches and academic services to meet ASEAN Community standard.” 


1. Produce graduates with quality and morality.

2. Maintain arts and cultures and preserve Thai tradition.

3. Research and develop community to international standard.

4. Develop efficient and effective management system.

Strategic Plan

Strategic Issues

1. Develop management system.

2. Develop curriculum and teaching and learning process.

3. Develop researches to be acceptable among Rajabhat Universities.

4. Provide academic services for sustainable community development.


1. Not less than 80 percent of graduates having desirable characteristics, and are approved and satisfied by entrepreneurs. 

2. Be the Rajabhat University having the most publications in national and international journals certified by Office of Higher Education Commission.

3. Have comprehensive information system for management.